Areas of Practice

Attorney Piccolo specializes in personal injury cases, including motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, DUI victims, slip-and-fall accidents and wrongful death.

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Areas of Practice

Not all accidents are acts of God that can be controlled or prevented. Within our specialized practice, we routinely take on cases that illustrate why civil wrongs occur and how they impact the lives of our clients by making them suffer physically, psychologically or economically. The extensive body of case law on personal injury supports the legal concepts of negligence, malice and liability, all of which are crucial for attorneys to obtain the best outcomes for their clients.

The legal field of personal injury is complex, intricate and subject to strong opposition by major players. Personal injury cases often involve a great degree of client advocacy due to the lengths respondents will go through to avoid setting a precedent that may increase their liability and insurance premiums. Such David v. Goliath cases are the lifeblood of our practice, and obtaining positive outcomes through adequate settlements and fair compensation is something that we take pride in.

Types of cases we handle:

  • Auto Accidents: As part of the South Florida region, Jupiter and West Palm experience a significant rate of auto accidents, representing major economic losses and personal suffering for thousands of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Florida is a "no-fault" state, but this statutory provision has little relevance when it comes to seeking compensation for injuries and damages suffered in these accidents. Car accident attorneys are skilled in all the nuances of such laws.
  • Truck Accidents: Road traffic accidents that involve medium to heavy trucks are part of a separate dimension of the personal injury field of practice. Most crashes involving semis present a different economic motive for being on the road, and this is a factor that must be carefully taken into consideration when handling legal claims related to these accidents. When it comes to accidents involving big rigs and tractor trailers, the rules of the road are dictated by federal and state rules, which add a layer of complexity to legal claims. In general, victims of truck accidents suffer greater injuries and more damages, which prompt them to seek greater compensation.
  • Motorcycle Accidents: The South Florida region is known to attract many motorcycle riders for various reasons: weather, road conditions, scenery, lifestyle, and more. Unfortunately, there is a disproportionate number of riders who suffer extensive injuries and total property loss as a result of road traffic accidents. Because the losses associated with motorcycle wrecks tend to be catastrophic, plaintiffs and respondents must come up with solid trial strategies to protect their interests. Negligent actions and questionable behavior add layers of intensity to these cases, and the complex factors that may come to play include: accident reconstruction, safety equipment, mechanical issues, road conditions, and others.
  • Slip-and-Fall Accidents: Florida is a jurisdiction that is notable for having a statute specifically dedicated to falls as situations within the legal realm of torts and negligence. In recent years, the statute has changed, which has made it more complicated for victims to sue those who allegedly neglected to take the appropriate steps to prevent a premises liability in an establishment. The law has been amended so that the plaintiff now has to gather more evidence than before; in other words, Florida slip-and-fall victims need seasoned legal representation now more than ever. Laws cannot prevent these type of accidents from happening; the burden of prevention is on the establishment manager or owner, and the burden of proof is on experienced attorneys to overcome and prevail on behalf of their clients.
  • Medical Malpractice: Personal injuries resulting from medical malpractice are more common than most people think, particularly in Florida. What makes medical malpractice lawsuits unique is that they demand considerable skill and knowledge from practicing attorneys. Law firms that specialize in medical malpractice work with attorneys who not only have a great understanding of medicine, but also about litigation. Health care facilities and professionals are known to put up formidable defense strategies when they face a malpractice lawsuit; it is up to the plaintiff's legal team to anticipate their tactics. It is not unusual to recover millions of dollars from medical malpractice respondents even at the settlement negotiation table.
  • Wrongful Death Cases: A situation that results in loss of human life could merit a civil action based on the wrongful death doctrine. Many of the situations that take place within the realm of the sub-areas of practice described herein can end up with loss of life, which can be described as the pinnacle of tragedy and suffering for survivors. Wrongful death litigation is a complex endeavor because it aims to seek damages for losses that will occur in the future. For example, if a trucking firm failed to properly maintain the brake system of a big rig that ended up crashing and killing a driver, the latter's widow and children may sue for the loss of income and support that they will have to endure for years to come.
  • Traffic Tickets and Violations: There is no question that law enforcement agencies and the court system have created a traffic ticket industrial complex in Florida. This may not have been what the Founding Fathers had in mind for the United States; nonetheless, the reality of traffic tickets in the Sunshine State is that they have become a substantial burden for those who face fines, higher insurance premiums, and even the possibility of losing their driving privileges. With millions of traffic tickets issued each year, most law enforcement agencies and courtrooms do not actually expect drivers to contest the infractions, but they are always prepared to do so because revenue from tickets is too significant for them to ignore. For this reason, drivers should not venture into traffic court without the representation of a lawyer.
  • Landlord Representation in Evictions and Disputes: South Florida and especially Palm Beach county has become a magnet for rental properties.  Being the owner of such real estate can be pretty rewarding and finacially lucrative.  But along the many advantages that it offers, being a landlord presents legal chalenges that require an experienced lawyer, well informed of the complexities of Florida Landlord-Tenant law that tends to favor protecting the rights of the renter. Having a strong, well-informed lawyer on your side when it comes to drafting eviction notices or navigating through the complicated Florida law maze is essential. You can get a free consultation with Attorney Piccolo to discuss your case by clicking here or calling (561)881-9151.

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