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Attorney Piccolo specializes in motor vehicle accidents and handles cases on a contingency basis, which means that you do not have to pay any costs unless an outcome in your favor is reached.

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Motor vehicle and road traffic accidents form part of a reality that West Palm Beach and Jupiter motorists must confront on a daily basis. Although many car crashes in the United States can be safely classified as unfortunate happenstance that mostly causes damage, material loss and wasted time, a significant percentage of crashes involve traumatic injuries and considerable suffering. Recovering substantial compensation often requires the involvement of a car accident lawyer.

Life can become quite difficult for victims of automobile accidents. On top of having to deal with extensive material damage that may render the vehicle inoperable, there may also be injuries, excruciating pain, medical expenses, lost wages, and even disability to deal with. There are also the victim's loved ones to consider when talking about the realm of automobile accidents; just because they are indirect victims does not mean that they do not suffer as a consequence of car crashes.

National Car Crash Landscape

The statistics related to auto wrecks on a national level are staggering. In October 2015, the Insurance Information Institute updated its findings related to fatal auto crashes in the U.S. – 32,719 drivers, passengers and pedestrians were killed in road traffic accidents in 2013, which actually represented a 3.1 percent decrease from the previous year. Not all victims involved in these crashes were killed; 6,337 survived, albeit with serious injuries.

The figures above imply that approximately 90 people perished as a result of daily auto crashes in 2013. When it comes to nonfatal injuries, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported 2.3 million people, which also represented a slight improvement over 2012.

The NHTSA fatality rate projection for 2014 was 1.02 for every 100 million miles driven by U.S. motorists during the first six months of the year, which also indicated an improvement over the previous year. In 2015, however, the National Safety Council released gloomy traffic fatality estimates in 2015.

During the first six months of 2015, deadly car crashes increased by 14 percent along with a major spike in serious injuries, which climbed by 30 percent. With almost 19,000 traffic fatalities from January to late June, 2015 was the deadliest year for American highways since 2007.

Recent Crash Statistics in Jupiter and the Rest of Florida

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were 372,208 car accidents in the Sunshine State during 2015. The total number of injuries added up to more than 242,000, and the number of fatalities was 2,817.
In Palm Beach County, 24,702 crashes resulted in 15,182 injuries and 170 fatalities during 2015. In the city of West Palm Beach alone, 2,730 crashes resulted in 1,968 property damage claims and 1,062 injuries from 747 crashes in 2015.
Although South Florida is pretty well immersed in car culture, there is virtually nothing that can prepare drivers, passengers or pedestrians for an automobile accident. These events are simply not supposed to happen, and victims often struggle to understand what they should do in the aftermath of a car crash.
The operation of motor vehicles is heavily regulated across the United States, and West Palm Beach is no exception. There are multiple laws, rules and procedures that make it possible for millions of drivers to share the American roadways on a daily basis. Driving a car may seem like a mundane activity, but the underlying legal and regulatory system that supports American car culture is filled with complexities.

A Slew of Legal Nuances

Most victims of car accidents are not familiar with the legal intricacies that rule the world of liability and auto insurance; for this reason, many cases are not pursued to the extent that they should be. Car crash victims may be entitled to damages related to the injuries they sustained, and these damages are on top of the reimbursement for material loss that is customarily handled by insurance companies.

How Much Will I Have to Pay My Lawyer?

One mistake commonly made by victims of car accidents is assuming that they cannot afford to retain an attorney, particularly at a time when they are facing financial hardships associated with the accident.

In Jupiter, not every injury law firm requires up-front fees when their services are retained. At David M. Piccolo, P.A. in West Palm Beach, lawyers who specialize in motor vehicle accidents handle cases on a contingency basis, which means that clients do not have to pay any costs out-of-pocket unless a positive outcome is reached.

When car accident attorneys work on a contingency basis, they focus their efforts on reaching an adequate settlement or pursuing the court to issue a favorable judgment. The goal is to establish the level of liability that will justify a settlement or an award that results in fair compensation.

Damages for Liability Are Separate

Car accidents victims need to know that the "no fault" legal doctrine that is often mentioned in Florida only applies to certain auto insurance transactions; it does not preclude liability. Injured motorists, passengers, and pedestrians in Florida can obtain substantial compensation that is not commonly available in other states. There are certain limits that set maximum amounts, but there is also significant diversity in terms of potential compensation. In addition to compensation for physical injuries and medical expenses, victims can also seek to be made whole for lost income, mental anguish and diminished earning capacity. In some cases, a spouse may enter a claim for loss of consortium, which means that the accident strained a marital relationship.
Insurance companies are not the only parties that can be named as respondents in an auto accident case. If it's an accident involving semi-trucks, your lawyer might attempt to attribute liability to various parties.
It is important for auto accident victims to remember that they must contact and retain legal counsel as soon as possible. By speaking with the right attorney in a timely manner, the chances of receiving fair compensation are increased exponentially.

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