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According to the CDC, over 150 million drivers in the United States reported themselves driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol in 2008. Less than one percent of these drivers were actually caught. This underscores the prevalence of drinking while driving and means that nearly everyone may have had a narrow escape from an accident with a drunk driver without even knowing it. While the CDC reports that 11,773 alcohol-related accidents resulted in a fatality that same year, there are no statistics on how many families were devastated due to the costs associated from recovering from such an accident. If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of a drunk driving accident, gaining the services of a West Palm Beach DUI victim attorney can be the first step toward recovering lost income and/or damages.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Statistics

  • People under the Age of 21 are more at risk of becoming involved in a crash no matter the level of blood alcohol concentration (BAC).
  • Drivers who cause fatal accidents while drunk are 8% more likely to have a previous DUI conviction than those who cause a fatal accident while sober.
The repercussions of alcohol-related car accidents can be horribly damaging to the future and livelihood of the victim and his or her family. Sometimes the responsibility rests with others than just the driver, especially if someone knew the driver was impaired and did nothing to stop them. Florida law protects the victims of drunk drivers by giving them access to help with lost wages and many other types of compensation, but it's important to contact a West Palm Beach DUI victim lawyer as soon as possible to get started.

Why Choose a Local West Palm Beach DUI Victim Attorney?

Choosing an attorney experienced in recovering damages for victims of DUI accidents in Palm Beach County can help make recovering damages from the event a faster process. A skilled attorney will help you by gathering evidence from the police regarding the crash, interview witnesses, subpoena hospital records and obtain other information concerning the extent of the damage or injuries you have suffered. The attorney's knowledge and expertise will also help to resolve your case much quicker. Working with an attorney who knows the complexities of DUI victim laws in the Palm Beach County area can help improve your chances of getting what you need for medical bills, repairs and lost income in a timely manner.

Attorney David M. Piccolo, P.A. represents DUI victims in Palm Beach County, including Boca Raton, Jupiter, Wellington and West Palm Beach.



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